Hormonal Acne Treatments – Medications That Are Formulated to Treat and Cure Adult Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne treatments are interesting for individuals who are suffering from acne due mostly towards the hormones called androgens acting up both in teenagers and in many cases adults. The skin disease occurs when the androgens raise the production of excess oil which then leads to the skin pores becoming clogged along with a proliferation of pimples and zits.

This situation may be due to a underlying cause which can be in relation to a hormonal imbalance going on internally. There are various oral medications which have been formulated to deal with and cure adult hormonal acne which hormone balance achieving medications are often placed into three categories: Oral contraceptives, ant-inflammatory products (commonly called oral corticosteroids) and anti-androgens.

Oral Contraceptives

Oral contraceptives work by at alleviating hormonal acne symptoms using progestin and estrogen to switch the androgens causing the body to create less oil. The FDA allows low dosages of contraceptive pills to use being a kind of treatment for acne that is severe and skin blemishes. This is a fantastic strategy for women planning to remain acne free rather than prepared to possess a baby.

Oral Corticosteroids

The oral corticosteroids are generally prescribed by dermatologist to combat unregulated androgen production. When used properly to manipulate pimples these anti-inflammatories (Prednisone and Dexamethasone) work exceptionally well at preventing acne inflammations.


For total charge of your bodys creation of androgen to be able to reduce oily skin along with the formation of acne most people select using anti-androgens. Although there are several different varieties of medications, the most used within this category include flutamide and spironalactone.

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